• Change – Growth means continuous change. It is like upgrading your life on a constant basis.
  • Focus – Learn about the secret skills of world class Athlets and other over Achievers.
  • Inspiration – Sometimes we just need a little kick in the right direction to see the beauty of life.
  • Internet – New to the internet? If I see anything that might be of interest, I will add it in this category. You will also find some good resources under sizzle sites.
  • Leadership – Leaders learn most! Tips and Tricks t become a better leader – in your family, job, church or community.
  • Miscellaneous – Bits and pieces of wisdom and fun
  • Persuasion – How good are you at convincing others to accept your ideas, products or service?
  • Procrastination – Not new to any of us. Learn small tricks to outdo your procrastination tendancies.
  • Public Speaking/Presentations – According to a widely run survey the fear of Public Speaking comes even before the fear of death. In this section you will find useful hints and tips on how to become a confident speaker.
  • Time Management – You didn’t get everything done that you needed today? The pile on your desk gets bigger and bigger? Do you feel overwhelmed by everything you still need to do? This is the place to go to find Tips and Articles on Time Management so your life starts belonging to you again.

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  • How to inspire others
    How to Inspire People to Do What You Want – Without Abandoning Your Ethics by Adam Dachis, at Manipulation is generally a bad skill to use to get what you want, but sometimes it’s justifiable when you have a … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • How to make New Year Resolutions work
    Following is an article from my friend Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources which echos my sentiments about New Year Resolutions and reaching your goals and dreams: On the 1st day of  the year, I received the following emails about … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • Happy New Year – NY Resolutions are promises
    The year 2017 has just started and most of us made some New Year Resolutions last night. My friend KieranRevell send me a great message which I want to share with you as I am in total agreement with what … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • It’s December 31st, 2016 and you…
    Let’s do a little experiment today. Imagine  today is the last day of next year or if your read this in the middle of the year, imagine it is 12 months from now… so put in the date 12 months … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • Christmas in Germany
    Why do I mention  there is a difference between thetypical saying “Merry Christmas”in the anglo countries to the “Frohe Weihnachten” in Germany? I mention it because it very much shows the differences in the way we celebrate Christmas. Here in … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • Michael Jeffreys 8 “Secrets” to Success
    Author Michael Jeffreys personally interviewed 15 top motivational gurus in 1997 for his then upcoming book. After talking to gurus from Brian Tracy to Dr. Wayne Dyer, he distilled 8 Secrets to Success they all agreed upon.These secrets are still … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • Attitude of Gratitude
    In the USA Thanksgiving is the most important family holiday. It is also a day on which many celebrities share food with those less fortunate than they are and I know from my own experience that this is a very … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • A World without Money?!
    The Occupy Wall Street action is a clear indication that we are reaching the end of the MONEY road.  But what do we do when it all collapses? UBUNTU Contributionism – A blueprint for a NEW Social Structure – A … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • Forgive today!
    If you could forgive one person today who would that be? Today was the funeral of my cousin. He was 1 1/2 years younger than me.  As children we did everything together. He was my best friend and with all … Continue reading → No related posts.
  • Create a positive work space
    As adults, most of us spend more time with our colleagues at work than we do with our families. Therefore loving what we do and being a member of a great team is essential for a fulfilled life. Today we … Continue reading → No related posts.

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